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VIDEO: Ice Bucket Challenge DISASTER… 3 Firefighters Injured

In Campbellsville, Kentucky, police are reporting that three firefighters were seriously injured when their aerial ladder from a fire truck touched a main powerline at Campbellsville University.

Two had to be air-lifted for serious injuries and one was treated at a local hospital.

Campbellsville University released the following statement on their website:

Campbellsville University is asking for prayers for two Campbellsville/Taylor County Fire Department firefighters who have been seriously injured on the campus of Campbellsville University.

“We express heartfelt sympathy and prayers for the families of the two firefighters who were injured,” Dr. Michael V. Carter, president, said.

A witness at the scene, resident director Tyler Arterburn, said the crew was participating in an “ice bucket challenge,” and firefighters were spraying water band directors and members.

Let this be a reminder that while making fun videos for YouTube helps support your local charity, always think about safety first.