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Video Proof That Obama Loves … Obama

President Obama is often accused of being a bit on the narcissistic side. Columnist Charles Krauthammer once referred to the President as a narcissist who “talks like the emperor, Napoleon.”

Conservative bloggers like to document the numerous times Obama celebrated significant events by posting pictures of himself.

But the Narcissist-in-Chief may have outdone all past efforts recently in India, where he gave a speech that referred to himself 118 times in 33 minutes.

That’s quite the self-absorbed individual.

Watch the speech below if you have the stomach for it…

Via Grabien:

Today in New Delhi, the president of the United States delivered an address to the people of India. Topics ranged from Obama’s pride in being the first U.S. president to visit India twice, to the historic nature of his attendance at India’s Republic Day Parade, to his grandfather’s occupation as a chef, to his graying hair, to his daughters … to his struggles against political critics back home. If this is starting to sound like the president spoke quite a bit about himself, that’s because he did. Somehow in the span of just 33 minutes, Obama referenced himself 118 times. (For those keeping score at home, that’s 3.5 Obama references per minute.)

Is there anybody the President loves more than himself?