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This Grandfather Didn’t Think Twice When He Noticed His Wife In Danger During A Robbery; Watch This Heroic Effort!


Darren Baker is being hailed as a hero after his actions led to the arrest of an armed robber back in December. Video from the incident has just been released.

Here is the video description:

This dramatic footage shows the nerve-shredding moment a brave grandfather tackled a gun-wielding raider.  Darren Baker, 48, from Norwich, wrestled the sawn-off shotgun-carrying robber to the floor during the raid on a branch of Premier Stores in the city.

He had raced to the shop when his wife, Sharon, told him she had been confronted by the raider while shopping in the store. CCTV footage of the incredible encounter was released by Norfolk Police after Stephen Lawrence, 54, also from Norwich, was jailed for 11 years.

Fearing she would be shot in the back, she dashed out to get her husband.

As Lawrence checked through the tills, Mr Baker stormed into the store and put the robber into a headlock – despite having the imitation firearm pointed at him.

The father-of-four and grandfather-of-three then wrestled Lawrence to the floor and yanked the helmet off his head.


It’s unclear if Baker quickly identified the gun as a fake, or if he just didn’t care. Sometimes you get that adrenaline going and you find yourself focused on the task at hand.

Watch the video report below:

H/T – Daily Mail

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Comments on “This Grandfather Didn’t Think Twice When He Noticed His Wife In Danger During A Robbery; Watch This Heroic Effort!”

  1. Barbara says:

    Too bad I wasn’t there, I’d have dropped him with my cane and beat the S out of him! THEN see if he’s able to talk to the cops. But good on this granddad! Guy is obviously stupid.