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VIDEO: See How Obama’s Muslim Buddies In Turkey Responded To Moment Of Silence For Paris


In 2012, President Obama named his top five world leader best friends. Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy reported at the time:

Well, in an interview with Time‘s Fareed Zakaria, Obama named his international BFFs and the surprising list includes: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Obama then went on name the five world leaders he feels especially close to and explained that he isn’t exactly shooting hoops with them, but they at least have good working relationships.

“I mean, I think that if you ask them — Angela Merkel, or Prime Minister Singh, or President Lee, or Prime Minister Erdogan, or David Cameron would say, we have a lot of trust and confidence in the President. We believe what he says. We believe that he’ll follow through on his commitments. We think he’s paying attention to our concerns and our interests,” Obama said. And that’s part of the reason why we’ve been able to forge these close working relationships and gotten a whole bunch of stuff done.”

The people of Turkey, and their leader, have shown time and time again not only an unwillingness to stand up to terror, but a large degree of sympathy and kinship for those who perpetrate it. The latest news out of the 99.8 percent Muslim nation is further proof.

In the video Turkish soccer fans boo during a moment of silence for the victims of a devastating terror attack in Paris, and then begin chanting “Allahu Akhbar.”

The game was attended by the Turkish Prime Minister as well as his Greek counterpart. There has been no comment from President Obama’s pals in the Turkish government repudiating the actions of their citizens after the deadliest attack on French soil since World War II.

Turkey is a NATO ally. Do you think they’re really our friends or share our values? Comment below!