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Video Shows How Liberals REALLY View Blacks


If you’ve paid attention to the “controversy” over requiring voter ID, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that it’s all Republicans pushing for it as a solution to voter fraud, and all Democrats opposing it. Why? Because Democrats disproportionately benefit from voter fraud. The dead are known to be the Democrat Party’s most reliable demographic.

But they can’t come out and say that, so they do what they do best; label their opposition racist. How is requiring an ID to vote racist, when you need an ID to see a R-rated movie, rent a car or hotel room, apply for welfare, purchase alcohol and tobacco, and do countless other things? Because apparently minorities, who are more likely to vote Democrat, own photo IDs at lower rates than white people (who are more likely to vote Republican).

Now you’re probably wondering: do liberals really believe that it’s impossible for a minority to exert the minimal effort needed to obtain an ID? Apparently, they do.

Meanwhile, minorities are pretty confident they can obtain an ID.

And just some bonus statistics: 81 percent of whites support voter ID laws, while 77 percent of Hispanics and Blacks do – no real difference.

“Racist” voter ID? The minorities who are supposedly the victims of such a form of “racism” don’t think so.

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Comments on “Video Shows How Liberals REALLY View Blacks”

  1. James Allen says:

    The Negro or “Darkie”, “Black” or ‘Colored’ have always been considered inferior and especially by the democrats who were the primary slave-holders . . . and this is vividly illustrated by the statement attributed to Lyndon Johnson who reportedly stated, probably in the course of one of his ‘drinking binges’ that . . . “niggers will vote for us (democrats) for the next 200 years”, that the results of the instituted democrat’s welfare programs and he who was always considered a foul mouth detestable fellow, ‘called this prediction’ – so far and Clintons’ dupes have furnished proof positives, ‘right on the head’!!!

    Having been born in and having grown up in Mississippi and thus both among Negros and Caucasians as well as Native Americans, the ‘old saying’ that “there is no one better than a good Negro or worse than a sorry white man!” is true and correct . . . and Lyndon was a vivid example of one being a sorry white man and of which there are certainly multitudes of others that fit nicely that description!!!