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VIDEO: The Truth About Beards That’s Shocking the Nation!

Whether you like beards, have a beard, or spend a considerable amount of time around someone with a beard… you’ll want to hear this!

A recent study done in New Mexico found that the same bacteria you’d find on a toilet seat can be found in… you guessed it… your beard! Now, before you head to the bathroom to shave off the months of growth you waited so patiently for, it’s not as bad as it sounds. While beards do share the same bacteria found in feces, so do other everyday items. If you’re going to renounce beards, you might as well shun your cellphone, your toothbrush and who knows, maybe your cat too.

Regardless, this study is pretty interesting and worth the watch!

We know one group that won’t be phased by this finding… if they’re good enough for the Robertson clan, they’re good enough for me!


H/T: Rare