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VIDEO: Two Innocent Girls Attacked by Black Youth; Liberal Media Remains Silent But We Won’t!

Two women were beaten and kicked and one was hit with a brick when two other women robbed them late Thursday night. The victims were walking west of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO at the time of the unprovoked hate crime. The attackers used a chunk of concrete as a weapon and stole a car from one of the victims. One of the perps is only 17 years old.


According to police reports and court documents, the two victims told police the robbers asked for gas money and wanted to borrow a cellphone. When the victims said no, one victim was grabbed by her hair and yanked to the ground, where she was punched and kicked. Rajanae Walker, 17, who lists an address in south Kansas City, is now charged with first-degree accessory to robbery.

Here’s my problem with the reporting of this tragic incident. The mainstream media reports on white on black crime like they have nothing else better to do with their time. Their liberal juices flow if black kids are beaten up or killed by white police officers or white gangs but they rarely want to place responsibility on black kids or THUGS because they don’t want to be seen as being racist.

This is a hate crime for a stupid reason and hopefully the attackers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. America has become so politically correct and passive over the last 30 years and these kids are becoming more ruthless and disrespectful. There has to be a stop to these actions now or it will be too late.

Watch the video news report here:

Tell us what you thought of this attack. You know the mainstream media won’t share this story, it’s up to you to get this message out. Add your comments below.

H/T – Fox4KC