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What IS This?? Villagers Discover Nightmare MONSTER!

Wanghin monster

Just in time for Halloween, the people of the small Thai village of Wanghin have found a monster.

Discovered dead in the neighboring jungle, the creature appears to have the scales and face of a crocodile or other reptile, but it’s hooves, legs, and torso show conclusively that it is a mammal.

Wanghin monster

So what is it? The emerging consensus is that the creature is a buffalo born with a severe disfigurement and perhaps even a skin condition.

The buffalo was either still born or died soon after birth. Even so, the villagers are no planning on getting rid of the body. They believe that it will bring them good luck and protection, so plan on keeping the ugly specimen around.

What do you think of the monster? Let us know below.

H/T: London Mirror


Comments on “What IS This?? Villagers Discover Nightmare MONSTER!”

  1. Roger says:

    looks to me like it could be related to whats running the country or his husband…..PERIOD…..KTN…..