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Vindicated! Trump Campaign Reveals Fox Has Close Ties To THIS GOP Campaign!


After GOP front-runner Donald Trump made the courageous decision to boycott Thursday night’t biased Republican Presidential debate, Trump’s campaign manager revealed that Fox’s anti-Trump ties are bigger than we thought!

According to Breitbart:

Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, exposed a blatant conflict of interest on Wednesday that the Fox News Channel has been hiding for months. Lewandowski showed how Fox News has been hiding the fact that Fox News Channel Vice President Bill Sammon has a daughter working for the campaign of the Washington establishment-backed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Lewandowski revealed two things for the first time: that the executive he was discussing matters with was Bill Sammon, and that Sammon’s daughter Brooke Sammon works for Rubio’s campaign, giving the first-term Floridian Senator an obvious boost. That blatant conflict of interest has never before been disclosed to the viewers of Fox News by the network.

“Not only did I not make threats, but the conversation with the Fox News executive—his daughter works for the Rubio campaign, he’s one of the executives on Fox that writes the debate questions so maybe he has his own ulterior motives, I’m not sure,” Lewandowski told Burnett in the Wednesday evening CNN interview.

So, Trump was right ALL ALONG. Fox News had no interest in running a fair debate and Donald had no choice but to skip the event in favor of raising money for our veterans!

What are your thoughts on this bombshell revelation by Trump’s campaign manager? Do you believe Trump was vindicated? Share your thoughts below?

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