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Violent Thug Receives God’s Justice When He SAVAGELY Attacks Police Officer

A violent attack on police officers has resulted in the death of a complete and utter thug.

25 year old Jawari Porter first held a knife to a security officer in a Cincinnati Kroger. Then at a second location, Porter forced his way into a police car where he tried to stab the officers. One of the officers shot and killed Porter.

You can see video of the events here:

The police officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing in this case.

Our police officers are constantly facing threats. Thank God the prosecutor quickly absolved them of any wrong doing. It’s real simple. Don’t attack police if you value your life.

Please share this if you SUPPORT these officers!

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  1. SamBar says:

    The Cincinnati justice department does have a fast lane for those who attack police officers and end up dead. They exonerate the police officers when they are in the right and they move forward at a fast pace. The world is now better off because another thug has been removed from society. He attacked two different people and his demise was warranted.

  2. MikeR says:

    Darwin was right.

  3. Stanley says:

    Good riddance to another scumbag.

  4. Malissa says:


  5. Keith says:

    YES! This is the correct way to get rid of criminals. Fast & with Deadly force!