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Viral: Balloon Floats To Grieving Mom At Child’s Wake, Did His Spirit Do It?


A video is circulating online which shows a balloon at a child’s wake suddenly floating away from the casket, and directly into the hands of a grieving mother.

The viral video has everybody wondering if it was the child’s spirit who gave the balloon to his mother to help console her.

Via Fox News Insider:

The video shows a distraught Vibar-Alamares at the wake of her seven-year-old son, Treb, who tragically died of cancer.

Suddenly, a white balloon near Treb’s coffin floats across the room, directly towards her.

She embraces the balloon and continues to cry.

Family members say that they believe the balloon was being moved by Treb’s spirit, as his way of comforting his mother from beyond the grave.

Whatever you may believe, the family says they now feel more at peace after the touching moment during the wake.

Watch the incredible video below:

Regardless of what you may believe, the image of the balloon approaching the tearful mother is incredibly moving.

Comment: Do you think the balloon was one last goodbye from the child to help comfort his mother? If you believe, share your thoughts below.


Comments on “Viral: Balloon Floats To Grieving Mom At Child’s Wake, Did His Spirit Do It?”

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