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VIRAL: Chris Christie’s Powerful, Emotional Speech About This Big Issue (WATCH)

Chris Christie

A new video shared by HuffPo Politics is calling a great deal of attention to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s presidential campaign.

Christie opens the video discussing his mother’s addiction to tobacco and her subsequent diagnosis with lung cancer. While speaking in front of a crowd, he explained that even though the lung cancer diagnosis came because of actions his mother took (beginning to smoke and not quitting after the Surgeon General warned smokers to stop lighting up in 1964), she was never denied treatment for her cancer or told that she should live with the diagnosis because of her own decisions. He used the story to shift the conversation to drug addiction, telling the crowd “Somehow, if it’s heroin or cocaine or alcohol, we say, ‘They decided it, they’re getting what they deserved.'”

(Watch below, starting around the 1:00 mark:)

Christie then shared the story of a dear friend who by all accounts had a picture-perfect life that came crashing down because of an addiction to pain killers following an injury he sustained while exercising. Christie’s friend and former law school classmate went from being a partner in a law firm, married with three children, to losing a condo he bought after his wife divorced him because of his drug addiction.

Christie discusses how he is pro-life, but pro-life for all lives. He says,

“I’m pro life, and I think that if you’re gonna be pro-life you’ve gotta be pro-life for the whole life, not just for the nine months when they’re in the womb. That 16 year old girl on the floor of the county jail, addicted to heroin? I’m pro-life for her too.”

His message on addiction, criminal justice reform and grace for humanity is resonating, and not just with traditional Republican voters. The video has been shared over 50,000 times and watched over 3.8 million times on Facebook.

Do you think this kind of message on addiction has a place in the Republican Party?