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Her Post About This Hard-Working Man Went Viral – But That’s Not The Best Thing

Kyle Bigler walked 16 miles gets car

In an age where people are lazy and all too willing to become fully dependent on the government for their livelihood, Kyle Bigler wanted to work for himself and become financially independent.

That was hard in his small town, so he had to walk several miles to the next town, walking 16 miles each day.

Joanna Griffiths saw him working two jobs the same day and posted this message on Facebook. Then a miracle happened.

Here’s what happened the next morning, via Today:

Griffiths woke up the next morning to thousands of messages from strangers offering him jobs and asking where they could donate money to help Bigler get a car.

But one message stood out: It was from the owners of Autoserv Tilton, a local car dealership, who wanted to donate a car.

Amazing story. There’s always work and there are always people willing to help you. This story warms my heart.

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