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Anti-Putin Protesters Take A MAJOR Stand! Will This Cause Problems?


Across the Ukraine, pro-western forces are engaged in a war of words (and tragically, of bullets also) with groups supportive of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

The war has claimed too many lives, and generated worldwide headlines when it’s suspected that pro-Russian forces shot down a civilian airliner last year, causing multiple fatalities.

As part of the ongoing conflict, the pro-western government passed a series of anti-Communist laws in April, ordering all Communist symbols to be taken down.

That means you, Lenin (above)!

Yep, the above statue in Odessa, depicting one of the founding fathers of Soviet Communism, had to be removed. But what should go in it’s place? Thankfully, artist Alexander Milov had just the right idea:


Yes, Milov choose Darth Vader, a symbol of American pop culture because, in his words, it is “more durable than the Soviet ideal.”

Here is the finished product:


Oh, and the best part? Vader’s mask also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot. More evidence of evil capitalism at work!

What do you think of the transformation? Let us know below.

H/T: The New York Times