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In Wake of Paris Attacks, CNN Anchor Targets Jews… Of Course

After the brutal terror attack in Paris in which a dozen were killed and more injured, targeted by radical Islamists over cartoons, the world is struggling to figure out how to react. Some news outlets like the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Daily Caller, and Free Beacon took the step to publish the inflammatory cartoons in solidarity with those killed, in order to take a stand for free speech. Many others, including the AP, every major cable news network, Daily News and the UK Telegraph refused to do the same, with some publications even going so far as to blur the cartoons into obscurity.

One CNN anchor, however, had a shocking reaction to the news. After a pro-Israel tweeter (and activist) Oren Kessler, factually corrected Jim Clancy on the content of some of the cartoons, Clancy quickly accused Kessler of just doing “Hasbara” or pro-Israel activism. Honest Reporting, a site dedicated to honest reporting on Israel in the mainstream media, explains what happened next,

Things went rapidly downhill as Clancy took any legitimate criticism to be part of an organized pro-Israel attack on him particularly when the respected blogger Elder of Ziyon presented factual evidence to dispute Clancy’s original tweet.

Clancy’s show only went on from there, devolving further as he confused an openly anti-Semitic Twitter account with a famous pro-Israel blogger and tweeter, Elder of Ziyon. Apparently to Clancy, working on accurate reporting of Israeli news makes one part of an anti-Muslim PR campaign (photo care of Honest Reporting, the original tweet has been deleted).


The familiar signoff for the network is well-known internationally: This Is CNN. As my husband, Commentary editor Seth Mandel pointed outThis is CNN. Will the network take action? Not in reference to Clancy’s words, but the fact that his late night tweeting after a long week have exposed a deep and troubling bias against not only Israel, but also the Jews who advocate for her.

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  1. Mary says:

    CNN –Does anyone watch that channel now?