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MUST READ: Major Warning For All WalMart Shoppers!


This article might rub people the wrong way, but Walmarts in predominately urban areas are not well kept and yes they are considered the worst of the worst.

The Walmarts in the higher class area are usually cleaner because not many of the high-class people will be caught dead in Walmart’s because they will be deemed, small class. That’s why the higher class Walmarts are always clean.

The American Sociological Association just published a finding that won’t go over well with urban Walmart shoppers.



From Yahoo News:

The worst Walmarts are located in low-income, minority communities.

That’s according to a study published in May by Contexts, a quarterly publication of the American Sociological Association.

A Walmart store’s location is closely related to how good or bad the store’s customer service is, the study found.

The study, which was recently highlighted by The Atlantic’s CityLab, evaluated customer service by analyzing the Yelp reviews of 2,840 Walmart locations across the US.

Stores in areas that have lower average incomes have significantly worse customer reviews than locations in higher-income ZIP codes. Additionally, locations in areas with higher proportions of black or Latino residents have worse reviews than those in areas with white residents.

The study’s author, Adam Reich, an assistant professor of sociology at Columbia University, analyzed approximately 35,000 reviews of Walmart locations and found that there was a consistent correlation between a neighborhood’s majority race and socioeconomic status, and a location’s Yelp reviews. Reich blames the disparity on Walmart’s decision to understaff stores in certain areas.

In the early 2000s, Walmart implemented cost-cutting policies that reduced the number of necessary employees per store and resulted in a drop in stores’ quality. This study provides evidence that a decrease in store quality was not consistent across the board but instead affected some customers more than others.

“Walmart is the largest retailer and largest employer in the world; moreover, it has consciously branded itself as a champion of and boon for disadvantaged communities,” Reich wrote. “Its underinvestment in these communities is thus particularly notable.”

A Walmart spokesperson told Business Insider that the company found the analysis to be “flawed and without merit.”

Walmart might dispute the findings but they can’t dispute the photos and real-time experiences.

A lot of people do not want to hear this, but it is the truth. It’s almost like the customers, and the workers aren’t on the same page of keeping a clean store or equally a clean parking lot. Shall I say there is no pride in many of the urban Walmarts?

I remember one time I drove into a Walmart parking lot and witnessed just how nasty it was and left because of it. This falls on the management of the store as much as it does the workers.

It just seems to me the lower class “ghetto” Walmarts are always dirty and a mess because the workers are just collecting a paycheck.

Customers and their children don’t help if they do not have proper house training. Again, you might not like what I eluding to but if you dispute my claim, please feel free to let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear your side.


Comments on “MUST READ: Major Warning For All WalMart Shoppers!”

  1. tngrandpa says:

    Not quite like our Gallatin Walmart, but getting a little too close for comfort.