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I Want My Sarah TV! The Launching of Sarah Palin TV

Big news for lovers of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the outspoken conservative firebrand who has called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. She is ready for prime time, on your television!

Already with a giant audience on Fox News to condemn liberalism and attack liberal activists posing as journalists… She is now launching her own venture to the national political arena: the Sarah Palin Channel.

Here is Sarah’s Facebook post announcing the channel:

Tired of media filters? Well, so am I. So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel! This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is.[…]

I hope you’ll check out this new online community and help us build it. #sarahpalinchannel

– Sarah Palin

So cool! There is no word yet if the channel will include more hunting clips from her former realty show. But can we be sure the channel will be exciting? You betcha!