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War On Christmas: Democrat Politicians RESIGNS Rather Than Do THIS Simple Thing


Every year the smug, metropolitan liberals tell us that the War on Christmas is just a figment of conservative radio hosts’ imaginations.

And yet every year, we still read stories like this:

Democrat Charlene Storey, an atheist member of Roselle Park City Council in New Jersey, resigned after the city decided to change the name of its annual tree lighting ceremony from “A Tree Lighting” to “A Christmas Tree Lighting.”

Yep, that one word was enough to send Storey off in a huff, claiming that the council was “exclusionary” and “cuts non-Christians out of the loop and favors one religion.”

Well … duh. Christmas is a Christian holiday (the clue is in the name.)

After Storey was done sulking, she rescinded her resignation, and the rest of the council, trying to stop her from throwing another tantrum, gave her the chairmanship of a new committee on diversity.

So the good news is that the fine people of Roselle Park can have a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The bad new is that this liberal is still on their city council.

H/T: NJ.com

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