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The War on Women at CNN


CNN staff aren’t happy about a shakeup to the anchor desk, which led to an anchor on maternity leave getting shelved in favor of other talent. The outlet, which had no qualms about parroting the Obama administration’s phony “War on Women”, quietly and unceremoniously switched anchors around while the world was engrossed in news of the Paris terror attacks. CNN staffers weren’t fooled and are in an uproar about the move. Page Six, the gossip column of the New York Post reports,

CNN insiders are upset at the way network boss Jeff Zucker handled the replacement of “New Day” co-anchor Kate Bolduan on Friday.

Bolduan has been on maternity leave since September, and Alisyn Camerota has filled in for her, joining Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira.

But while Bolduan tended to her new baby, and eyes were on the Paris terror crisis, CNN announced that she’ll be replaced by Camerota permanently.

Bolduan will now co-host [email protected] Hour” at 11 a.m. An insider scoffed: “The manner in which Jeff did it is angering female staffers…They took [Bolduan] out while she was on maternity leave and buried it on a day when there’s serious news.”

How legal was CNN’s move? According to the National Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, it’s somewhat murky. One of the stipulations of the law requires employers with more than fifty employees, which CNN certainly has, to allow workers to be “given their original position or comparable job upon return.”

Predictably, the left have fallen in line, with no staffers or prominent personalities coming to Bolduan’s defense.

Comment below! Do you think Bolduan’s shuffling was ethical?