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New SHOCK Poll Gives Redskins Hope Of Keeping Their Name!

Robert Griffin III

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan from the East Coast. I know some don’t understand that because I grew up around the Baltimore Colts and Washington Redskins but the star on the helmet was magic. For the last few years, the Washington Redskins have been getting grief over their mascot name. Some have seen it as racist while others just don’t care.

I despise the Redskins as a normal Cowboys fan because of the rivalry, however, I don’t think they should change their name. Political correctness continues to be the death of us all and if liberals get their way, the NFL will be playing in pillows and flip flops and tackling will be ruled illegal.

A poll was just conducted among Native Americans and guess what, they don’t mind the storied franchise keeping that name. That’s a huge shock as you know. Liberals will not like that at all and will probably still fight to change it but at least the Redskins finally got a vote of confidence they can use.


From The Washington Times:

Despite a concerted “national movement to change the football team’s moniker,” a new poll finds that 90 percent of Native American respondents said it “does not bother” them that the NFL’s Washington football franchise is nicknamed the Redskins.

Activists have sometimes compared “redskin” to racial slurs for other ethnic groups. The poll, by the Washington Post, however finds that some 80 percent of poll respondents “said they would not be offended if a non-native called them that name.”

“The results could make it that much harder for anti-name activists’ to pressure team officials, who will almost certainly use the poll as further justification to retain the moniker,” said Post reporters John Woodrow Cox, Scott Clement and Theresa Vargas.

While both Native Americans and D.C. area football fans may have little problem with the name, some local journalists are another story. The Post’s editorial board has not only repeatedly called for the name to be changed, in 2014 it informed readers that “except when it is essential for clarity or effect, we will no longer use the slur ourselves.”

In February 2013, longtime D.C. news anchor Jim Vance delivered an on-air commentary in which he said bluntly “the name sucks” and suggested it be changed to the Washington “Warriors.” Mr. Vance also explained that he had a personal policy of not uttering the name on air and had yet to receive a complaint from any viewers who demanded he say the word.

Glad that reality is setting in.

The irony, or more like hypocrisy of Liberals in general, is this ‘magical thinking’ with making issues out of ‘perceived injustices’ that don’t really exist. This issue, potty rights, women making 76% of wages of men, etc etc.

And then there is the NIMBY thing with Liberals: I’ll take on the issue but if you are of a certain socio-economic class or don’t look the same…get off of my lawn. I don’t want my kids associating with your kids, etc.

Don’t get it twisted, the people driving this name change don’t care what Native Americans think about it. They just want to absolve themselves of white guilt.

What are your thoughts about the name change? Do you think the Redskins should be forced to change their name? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this to your Facebook and Twitter timeline.