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Watch: 12-Year-Old Blasts Sharpton as a ‘Waste of Human Flesh’


Now, before you liberals jump all over the headline and assume that anybody who calls the alleged “reverend” Al Shaprton a ‘waste of human flesh,’ simply must be a racist, it’s worth noting that the person making the accusation is 12-year-old African American CJ Pearson.

Pearson gained notoriety a few months ago when he released a video defending Rudy Giuliani and arguing that President Obama really doesn’t love America. That video went viral.

Pearson is back on YouTube, and this time he’s slamming Sharpton over racially-charged incidents such as the Ferguson shooting, and more recently that of Walter Scott. Sharpton invited himself to South Carolina to attend a memorial for Scott, despite the family previously requesting that he stay away for fear that it would create “a circus.”

Pearson hammers Sharpton for not empowering the black community, instead making them out to be victims. He adds that Sharpton isn’t really interested in helping the community at all.

Pearson concludes by calling Sharpton “a waste of human flesh.”

Check it out…

Via Blacks.org:

CJ Pearson, the kid who went viral saying President Obama doesn’t love America, is now calling out Al Sharpton.

Pearson references Michael Brown, Walter Scott and other recent situations where race has been pinned against race. His contention is that Sharpton doesn’t really care about actually helping the black community.

The 12-year-old goes on to say Sharpton is “a waste of human flesh.”

Recently, the Scott family told Sharpton not show up at the funeral of Walter Scott. A source close to the Scott family noted that they didn’t want “another Ferguson type of circus here.”

Sharpton is going to South Carolina anyway.

What do you think of CJ Pearson’s take on Al Sharpton? Is he a man who simply pretends to care about the black community?


Comments on “Watch: 12-Year-Old Blasts Sharpton as a ‘Waste of Human Flesh’”

  1. SniperzRule1 says:

    Good job, CJ. You’ve ‘hit the nail’!! Al Sharpton is no more a ‘Reverend’ than I am. Because of his conduct over the last 25 years, he now spends his life ‘lookin’ over his shoulder. What kind of ‘Reverend’ has armed body guards 24\7?….’Nuf said!!