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Watch: 16 Year Old Blows-Up Nancy Pelosi’s Stance on the NSA

Watch 16-year-old Andrew Demeter of Cleveland, Ohio confront House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on why she supports the NSA’s. Senator Pelosi’s remarks are amusingly awkard.

HT:  ThePoliticalInsider.com


Comments on “Watch: 16 Year Old Blows-Up Nancy Pelosi’s Stance on the NSA”

  1. It appears that while Obama’s NSA was so busy spying on countless numbers of innocent Americans over the years that had committed no crimes or suspected of committing crime in a big government sponsored fishing party spying they forgot to keep an eye on the real enemy. The spying on American’s financial, tax, medical, phone and computer records and that of their children without cause, good reason or warrant, these good folks wasted time, money and resources on the real enemies of American in Libya, Syria and elsewhere around the world. Just priceless when USA government spies on its own people while failing to keep their eye on the ball of the real enemies and is now losing the game in what has come to back to bite this country in the butt! Yes just priceless!