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Watch as Vladimir Putin Attempts to Intimidate the World But FAILS Miserably!

putin fail

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is rather fond of rattling his sabre. Whether it’s hunting animals while shirtless, or buzzing the coastlines of NATO countries with his aging bombers, ol’ Vlad is always up for a bit of posturing.

Which is why he’s sure to be less than impressed with his navy┬álast week.

That’s when Russia celebrated its national Navy Day, and Putin made sure to put on a big display in the Crimea, an area of Ukraine he seized during the conflict there last year.

Stretching out into the sea was a fleet of Russian ships, including the frigate Ladny.

As you can see in the video below, the Ladny was supposed to launch a missile, impressing the local crowd and warning the West that Russia is not to be messed with.

Which is why it’s such a shame that the missile fizzled out and fell into the sea instead:

Sorry, Mr. President. You’re gonna have to work harder if you want to threaten us.

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H/T: London Independent



  1. Nat says:

    I have seen more impressive and scarier fireworks from the teenagers up the block! But this actually frightens me more it was when Krushchev was seeking to show his own military and Castro and the west that they were more formidable than he knew them to be- so he puts those missiles in Cuba that brought us to the edge of annilation ! At least Kruschev loved his children and grandkids- who knows what that cold blooded Putin would do to prove his genitals are as big as ours? And I hear he summarily sickle ex his wife of years and took up with a boy young woman- this is a very dangerous man with an ego problem and no moral anchor!

  2. Johnny says:

    With the president we have I would not anger Vladimir Putin.we have a chickenshit faggot for our commander in chief. He would send roses to Russia an go over an talk about how being a disgusting queer is a good thing

  3. Sogom says:

    Russia has nukes they can already intimidate us.