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Watch: Bernie Sanders Just Earned Praise From THIS Conservative Group!

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The fact that people defend Clinton on gun control shows just how naive they are. Only a Democrat could be proud of trying to take away citizens’ rights.

Maybe Bernie Sanders honors the Constitution just a little. God knows that Hillary Clinton doesn’t. She despises it. To her, it’s an impediment. She’s got nothing. She is nothing.

We must never turn our nation into one like any of the European nations whose governments subtracted the right of their citizens to keep and bear arms long ago, and even made pepper spray illegal. These are the same governments that allow all of Islam into their nations without being vetted, and without any means for their citizens to protect themselves from Muslim hordes of rapists, gang rapists, sexual assaulters, robbers, etc.

During the last Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders exposed Hillary Clinton’s agenda aimed at destroying gun owners, which we thought was strange since he’s part of that liberal machine. The NRA quickly tweeted in support of Sanders as you will see below.

From USA Today:

Bernie Sanders is suggesting Hillary Clinton may want to shut down the country’s gun industry.

The democratic socialist, doubling down on comments during last night’s debate, told reporters Monday that licensed gun manufacturers shouldn’t be held liable when someone uses a weapon “irresponsibly.” To do so would mean “you’re shutting down the entire industry.”

“If Secretary Clinton’s position is that there should not be any more guns in America, fine,” Sanders told reporters. “She should be honest and say that, because that is really what that means.”

Sanders advanced his theory during the debate when asked what he would say to families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims. They are suing Bushmaster Firearms International and parent manufacturer Remington Arms, which produces the AR-15 used in the 2012 attack.

“If they understand that they’re selling guns into an area that — it’s getting into the hands of criminals, of course they should be held liable,” he said then. “But if they are selling a product to a person who buys it legally, what you’re really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America. I don’t agree with that.”

H/T – USA Today

What do you think of the NRA supporting Sanders? What do you think of Sanders taking Clinton to task over a liberal agenda hidden secret most of us already knew but never confirmed? Share your comments with us below and let us know what you think.