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Watch: Caitlyn Jenner Calls Hillary ‘A F***ing Liar’!


Though the language isn’t very ladylike, Caitlyn Jenner had some very interesting thoughts on the possible first woman President, Hillary Clinton.

During a preview of the show ‘I Am Cait,’ Jenner battles other guests on the show regarding the presidential election.

“I would never ever ever vote for Hillary,” Jenner said, before explaining that “She’s a f***ing liar!”

Via the Daily Caller:

When one of Jenner’s friends said Clinton was “an amazing woman,” Jenner asked them to list her accomplishments.

“What has she done in her life?! What has she done?” Jenner said. “She was a lousy senator. She was horrible. Look at all of the things that are going on in the Middle East — all because of what she did. Look at Benghazi. She lied to us! She’s a fucking liar!”

“You want a person that’s going to lie to you?” Jenner continued. “She’s a political hack. That’s all she is. She’s done nothing.”

Oh man, what a brutal take down of the woman who wants to shatter the glass ceiling.

Watch the preview below:

While we may not agree with everything Jenner says, we can certainly agree on this one point.

She is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a liar.

Here is a short list compiled by The Political Insider which shows some of the more outrageous lies Hillary has told over the years.

Comment: Do you agree with Caitlyn Jenner? Is Hillary Clinton a liar? Share your thoughts below.