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Watch: Chris Christie Busts A Move With Jamie Foxx

Actor Jamie Foxx hosted an Apollo Theater fundraiser over the weekend, and managed to coax Governor Chris Christie and Senator John McCain to bust out a few dance moves for the Hamptons’ crowd.

As such, Weasel Zippers renamed the event the “Hamptons RINO Rave.”

A short video clip was posted on YouTube by the New York Post.  Watch below…

As the video is difficult to see, the Post also provided a still image.


Via the Wall Street Journal:

At a particularly raucous point in his set, he called up New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie —a weekend guest of Mr. Perelman’s friend Jon Bon Jovi—to show off his moves.

“Christie, I know you got a dance in you,” Mr. Foxx yelled out to a crowd that also included James Brolin and Barbra Streisand (who, he said, told him of her times in her younger years seeing Ray Charles at the Apollo), Anjelica Huston and her long-ago ex, Jack Nicholson.

By this point, late in the evening, Howard Stern and Robert De Niro, who had been sitting with Mr. Christie, had headed, sadly, home. But that didn’t stop Mr. Foxx. He engaged the rest of the crowd in a chant that included “Christie, come on! Christie, come on!”

And Mr. Christie gamely hopped up to crunk with Mr. Foxx and his band.

Additionally, Senator McCain partook in the dance routine…

“Mr. McCain, you want to get up and show us something? Come on everyone, ‘McCain! McCain! McCain!’ ” Mr. Foxx shouted enthusiastically. And then Mr. McCain got up and did a little bit of the robot dance.

Which can also be seen in this epic image…


President Obama has faced intense scrutiny for living it up at dance parties and on the golf course, while race riots brew in Ferguson and the Middle East burns.