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Watch: Dick Cheney Blasts Torture Report as ‘Full of Crap’

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney shredded the newly released Senate report on CIA interrogation techniques during the Bush administration, running through a litany of descriptions for the findings – including being a “terrible piece of work,” “deeply flawed,” and “full of crap.”

But aside from that Mr. Cheney, tell us how you really feel.

Cheney joined Bret Baier on Special Report to discuss a report that Democrats find politically expedient, while the rest of America recognizes it as harmful to American interests.

Via Fox News:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed the recently released Senate report on CIA interrogation techniques Wednesday, calling it “full of crap,” and a “terrible piece of work” that was “deeply flawed.”

Cheney, speaking on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier,” said some of the controversial techniques used on militants had been previously tested and the interrogations produced results.

Cheney acknowledged he had not read the entire 500-page report summary. He strongly defended the tactics, including waterboarding and rectal hydration.

“What are you prepared to do to get the truth against future attacks against the United States?” Cheney asked.

Watch Cheney go off below …

Tell us – Are Democrats and their bleeding-heart report ‘full of crap’ once again?


Comments on “Watch: Dick Cheney Blasts Torture Report as ‘Full of Crap’”

  1. Stanley says:

    Similar to the way obama acts as president, this report is political BS that is in no way based on fact and is the same sort of false information that democrats thrive on, one lie after another.