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Must Watch: Donald Trump’s Wife Has Strong Words For Illegal Immigrants!


Melania Trump, who is likely going to be America’s next First Lady, blasted illegal immigration during an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Mrs. Trump, who emigrated to the United States from Slovenia said she became a citizen by following the law, and illegal immigrants should do the same.

From Mashable:

Melania Trump, who was born in what is now Slovenia, said that she didn’t feel Trump “insulted the Mexicans,” and that “he didn’t talk about everybody, he talked about illegal immigrants.”

When Brzezinski pointed out that she herself is an immigrant, asking if Donald Trump had “gone too far,” Melania said that she “follow[s] the law.”

“I followed the law the way supposed to be, I never thought to stay here without papers,” she said.

Trump and her husband don’t always see eye-to-eye though, she said.

“Do I agree all the time with him? No I don’t and I tell him that,” she said when asked about her husband’s word-choice. “I tell him my opinions, I tell him what I think. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he don’t [sic].”

Watch Mrs. Trump’s full comments here:

Do you think Melania will make a great First Lady? Are her comments about illegal immigration a breath of fresh air? Share your thoughts below!

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