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WATCH: Elderly Couple About to Die In Fiery Crash… But Then a Hero Did Something Incredible!

Three people were seriously injured in a car collision Sunday afternoon along a dangerous stretch of road in Cary, NC. Off-duty Army Captain Steve Voglezon of Southern Pines rescued them following a head-on crash that lead to both cars being engulfed in flames – and it was caught on camera by nearby residents.


The crash was caused when 59-year-old Mark Ricketts was drifting into the wrong lane and collided head-on with William Thompson and his wife Kathleen going the other direction.

elderly couple

Voglezon was on his way to the mall with his girlfriend when he noticed the catastrophic scene and ran to help rescue those victims from their cars. He used a fire extinguisher to break the windows of the Acura and rescue the Thompsons.

The Highway Patrol charged Ricketts with traveling left of center. Those who live along the stretch of road where the accident happened said accidents there are common.

“It’s like a NASCAR race track through here, or a drag strip,” said Ellen Merritt, who has lived on the road 31 years.

“It’s almost what they call a ‘black snake curve.’”

Merritt said she can remember at least seven wrecks on the road in the past five or six years.

“One was due to ice,” she said. “But six wrecks were rather bad.”

Fortunately, Army Captain Steve Voglezon, who was appropriately wearing a ‘Captain America’ T-shirt, happened to be passing the scene. 


Watch this amazing footage here:

WNCN: News, Weather, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville

Nice to see someone do what was necessary instead of getting out the phone and uploading the carnage to social media. At least the military is still producing quality individuals.

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H/T – WWLPMy Fox8