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WATCH: Even Obama-Voting Liberals Can’t Believe Barack Obama’s Response to ISIS Executions


President Barack Obama has been off vacationing in Palm Springs, and is afraid to even mention that the 21 people recently executed by ISIS were Christians.

Things are so bad that even left-wing Sunday morning show hosts are baffled by Obama’s out-of-touch actions. Watch (below) as CBS News’ Bob Schieffer – a staunch liberal – is stunned by Obama’s weak response to terrorism:

Here is the part that bothers me,” Schieffer said. “After that Jordanian pilot was killed in that horrible way, here you saw the king put on his fatigues, he executes two prisoners that they were holding in Jordan and launched bombing raids.”

“We have another American hostage killed and congress and the president goes off to California to do a fundraiser and some other stuff and the congress goes on vacation and they say, yeah, we will debate what to do about all of this, but we are going to do it as long as it fits into the schedule. There is no reason to do anything out of the ordinary,” Schieffer stated.

h/t: Free Beacon


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  1. Bob says:

    If you have ever watched the movie ” The Manchurian Candidate ” you are seeing a replay of it, where the object to be destroyed is not a person ( as in the movie ), but a way of life & the country we live in.
    Look at the people surrounding Obama & handling him ( Valarie Jarrett born in Syria ) Rev. Wright, Rev Al Sharpton ( a racist if there ever was one) Eric Holder, who won’t enforce any immigration laws & many others who will not uphold the Constitution.
    Notice he’s on the 4th Sec. of Defense? Why? Because when they suggest he use the military in a more effective way to kill the Islamic Extreme Terrorists, they are overruled by he & Jarrett & they resign in disgust or are forced out.

  2. Jeni says:

    Obama is the anti-christ and ISIS is his army!!!