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Watch the Exact Moment Crowd Had Enough Of CNBC’s Bias Against Republicans (Incredible!)


The CNBC bias against Republicans was so blatant during last night’s debate that Fox News’ Sean Hannity declared “This is going to go down in history as a really bad night for the media.”

There were some incredible moments where the candidates rightly actually called out the moderators and media in general for their fake journalism. Ted Cruz, for example, pretty much won the debate when he destroyed the moderators to their face.  Marco Rubio also blasted the media as “the Democrats ultimate Super PAC.”

And while the crowd reacted to Cruz and Rubio’s comments with thunderous applause, it was one particular moment with Ben Carson that showed they’d had enough, practically booing one of the moderators out of the building.

CNBC host Carl Quintanilla went after Ben Carson for an alleged endorsement of a product that never really happened. Carson explained that the company used his image without permission, and blasted Quintanilla’s bias for even bringing up the alleged “relationship.”

You’d have thought being called out for his lies would have put the brakes on Quintanilla’s line of questioning.  Instead, he kept badgering Carson.

Dr. Ben Carson: That’s easy. I didn’t have involvement with them. That is total propaganda. And this is what happens in our society…

CNBC reporter Quintanilla: To be fair you were on the homepage of the website with the logo over your shoulder.

Dr. Carson: If somebody put me on their website they did it without my permission.

Quintanilla: Does that not speak to your vetting process or judgement in any way?

At that point, the crowd had enough, jeering the moderator rather loudly.  Carson responded beautifully, simply raising his hands and saying “See, they know.”

The bias was apparent.

Watch the interaction below …

Comment: Were CNBC’s moderators overtly biased during last night’s debate?  Why would the GOP accept a debate with a group that they knew full-well would try to derail every Republican on the stage?

Want to help Carson fight the media bias?  Check out this page dedicated to everything Dr. Ben Carson.


Comments on “Watch the Exact Moment Crowd Had Enough Of CNBC’s Bias Against Republicans (Incredible!)”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Bad media you need do better. All the media needed was a red nose and a white face.