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(WATCH) Fox News Chases and Confronts Corrupt Obamacare Author – Explosive!

Economist Johnathan Gruber is an Obama crony who has been paid almost $6 million to lie to the American public about Obamacare. No one would have noticed if he hadn’t been caught on video repeatedly laughing at the “stupid” American public for ignoring the details of this sweeping healthcare legislation.

Watch (above) as Fox News’ Sean Hannity sent a producer to get some answers from Gruber himself. And the results aren’t pretty…

“You’ve had lots to say to the media. How about talking to us?” Webb asked as he walked alongside Gruber on the MIT campus.

“No, thank you.” Gruber replied, repeatedly saying that he had “no comment.”

“Do you think the American people would have actually bought into ObamaCare without all the deception?” Webb asked.

“If you’re telling the truth, why are you apologizing as you did for being honest about what was done to get ObamaCare passed?”

“Do you really think the American voters are stupid?” Webb pressed, getting another “no comment” in return.

“What about ObamaCare? Is that just a hoax on the American people?”

At that point, Gruber continued walking away without answering.

Hannity’s first guest – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went on to slam Gruber, demanding he give by the millions in taxpayer dollars what he was paid to defend the health care law through highly questionable economic reports.

Gruber worked for the White House and should be held accountable. It’s time to investigate Johnathan Gruber, and he has a lot to explain.