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Watch: French Muslim Says It’s Up To Them To Track Down Terrorists And Do THIS

French Muslim

It’s a rather common refrain from the rest of the world looking in on radical Islamic terrorists: If this is the religion of peace, where are the peaceful Muslims standing up to the terrorists and demanding that they be taken out?

Finally, one man seems to be taking a stand, urging his fellow French Muslims to help authorities take out the ISIS terrorists themselves by infiltrating their ranks and ‘breaking their jaws.’

Via Fox News Insider:

In a strongly-worded video posted to YouTube that has since gone viral, Bassem Braiki said:

“I am addressing all Muslims, all Muslims of France: Let’s protect our beautiful religion. Let’s go and track down these imposters who pretend to be Muslims and kill people. It’s not the authorities who are going to get rid of them … it’s us.”

Braiki┬ápleaded with his fellow Muslims to report any suspicious activity without worrying about being seen as a “snitch.”

He said, “It’s up to us to f**k up the s**t that’s inside our religion.”

“If they come to talk and try to brainwash you,” he said, “track them down and break their jaws.”

The original video can be seen here, but it is in French.

Below is a Fox News report on the viral video …

A former radical appeared during the segment, explaining most Muslims agree with the message in this video.

Still, why is the Muslim man demanding those in his religion put a stop to the ISIS terrorists a rarity, instead of the norm? Why aren’t there a million more videos like this decrying the violence? Why is there no march in the streets of Paris, or the streets of Washington, saying ‘we will not tolerate this any longer?’

Comment: Do you agree with this man that it’s up to Muslims to stop ISIS terrorists? Do you think there should be more people out there saying the same things, particularly Muslim leaders? Tell us in the comments section below.


Comments on “Watch: French Muslim Says It’s Up To Them To Track Down Terrorists And Do THIS”

  1. Mimosa says:

    Maybe it’s because the moderates encourage the extremists to cause fear to keep the Muslims that don’t agree silent! You know how abusers work!! These idiots that kill harm everyone! Even their own …. Very sad and kudos to this guy!!