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Watch: Girl Destroys Bully Using AMAZING MMA Skills!


I usually don’t condone fighting at school, but in this case, I 100% support this girl’s decision to get even at a bully who had been harassing her online!

From Bro Bible:

Last week, a fight broke out at Sonoma Valley High School between a girl and a boy. But I don’t even think you can call it a fight because she leveled him with such ease and quickness. In less than 10 seconds the girl obliterated him with a series of MMA moves that included two knees to the face. She then runs off.

A teacher rushes to the scene screaming, “Who is that girl?” And that is because the girl does not attend that high school, she attends Creekside High School, an alternative school located on the campus. On her lunch, she went to the other high school to seek out this lad.

The motivation for her obliteration was allegedly because the boy bullied her online, posting nasty messages on her Facebook. When she confronted him about the disparaging comments “he threw water at her.” She then went beast mode.

Students told ABC 7 News that the girl has been suspended, and that the boy is attending school with a black eye.

Here is the awesome video:

What do you think of this girls’ skills? Share your thoughts below!!



  1. Mary says:

    Good for her! That meatbag deserved what he got. Just because it is online to start with doesn’t mean it should be accepted.

  2. Vicvod says:

    I have a feeling that the girl that took off after her is lucky she didn’t catch up to her.

    1. Barbara says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! I thought it was a teacher, I had a similar situation in school. We turned out to be good friends.