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Watch What Happens When MSNBC Tries To Do A Live Report From A Gun Range!


One can just picture the meeting at MSNBC headquarters involving producers for Andrea Mitchell’s show.

Executive number one, “Let’s do a live report from the loudest place we can possibly think of.”

Executive number two, “How about a gun range, and let’s have everybody shoot their guns right behind our reporter on the scene.”

Executive number one, “That just might be crazy enough to work.”

The above scenario may seem preposterous, especially for those who produce live news reports for a living, but it’s not far off from what MSNBC managed to pull earlier today.


If you didn’t find the live version funny, check out this epic transcript provided by the Free Beacon:

(Bang) (Bang) (Bang) They say that the (Bang) short distance away (Bang) (Bang) Donald Trump (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) about protecting the Second Amendment (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) (Bang) All the Republicans (Bang) (Bang) support protecting the Second Amendment. Donald Trump (Bang) has said in speeches (Bang) the First Amendment and he supports the Second Amendment (Bang) (Large Bang) (Bang) (Bang) from the crowd when he says that. (Bang) (Bang) As we look at what Donald Trump has been doing (Bang) (Bang) Jeb Bush now, he’s focusing on Ted Cruz. (Bang) Saying in a tweet (Bang) Wow was Ted Cruz disloyal to his very capable director (Bang) used him as a scapegoat (Bang) like a dog (Bang) talking about (bang) fired his spokesman (Bang).

After the segment was over, Mitchell politely explained that “we could not hear most of that, because the firepower was a little bit too great.”

Second Amendment supporters drowning out liberal reporters – That may be the best MSNBC broadcast ever.

Comment: How funny was it to hear the gun fire drown out everything the MSNBC reporter was saying? Share your thoughts below.