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Watch What Happens When A Shark Tries To Attack A Family Of Hippos!


So after a summer in which we were bombarded with terrifying tales of sharks marauding our shorelines looking for human prey, perhaps it’s about time we saw something that proved they might not be as scary as we fear.

Take a look at this footage shot during a safari in South Africa. It appears to show a herd of hippopotami crossing a river. The scene is calm and bucolic … until a bull shark decides he wants to take a bite out of the fish swimming between the hippos’ legs:

As you can see, after a few attempts at getting between the hippos, the shark was scared away. And sure, it’s not the bloodiest video you’ll ever see, but it does prove that when large mammals work together, they can scare off the scariest predators!

Hippos: 1 Sharks: 0

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H/T: The Weather Channel