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Watch What Happens When ‘Trump’ Appears On ‘Full House’ Reunion!


Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, performed a dead-on imitation of Donald Trump, and the cast of Full House reunited for a hilarious skit in which the Republican presidential nominee needs a pep talk from his family about losing.

Right from the onset, when Fallon yells “Dad!” in Trump’s voice, you knew this was going to be pretty funny.

The entire cast of Full House joined the skit, spitting out all of their catchphrases from the campy ’90s sitcom sensation.

Via the Daily News:

Michelle Tanner may not be on “Fuller House,” but the men of the beloved show have a new child to care for — Donald Trump.

Jimmy Fallon reunited the cast of “Full House” for a skit on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, in which original stars like Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamoes dished out advice for the presidential hopeful.

In what seemed like the room occupied by the Olsen twins on the hit show, Fallon channeled Trump as he called out for “dad!”

In stormed Saget, who played Danny, followed by Uncle Joey and Jesse, who eased the candidate’s worries of losing the Republican nomination.

All of the ladies of Full House entered the room shortly thereafter, including the Tanner family’s annoying neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler.

Gibbler entered with a slight variation of her catchphrase, saying “Hola Trumparitos!”

Fallon’s Trump character announced that he was going to “build a giant wall” to keep her out.

You can watch the skit in its entirety below:

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