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Watch: Judge Lets Gang Member Know She’s In Charge

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Tennessee judge Lila Statom has earned the nickname the ‘Southern Judge Judy’ for a recent viral video showing her verbally berating a reputed gang member for turning a once-pleasant suburb into a violent neighborhood. The man in her courtroom explained why he took part in a shooting, saying it was “his hood.”

The judge didn’t take kindly to the comment.

“East Lake Courts is not your hood,” Statom explained to the alleged criminal, referring to the neighborhood in which he shot a rival gang member.

“It’s the citizens of the United States who own that because they work and pay taxes, you don’t own that,” she added. “People like you have made it a violent, unsafe place to live.”

When the gang member, O’Shae Smith, raised his hand to interject and say something, Statom immediately shut him down.

“I don’t think you want to say a word to me Mr. Smith,” she quipped.

Watch the judge’s verbal take down, which has been viewed by over half a million people already, below…

Statom appeared on Fox and Friends to explain her comments to the shooting suspect in her courtroom.

Via Fox News Insider:

Statom was on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss the viral video of her comments.

“I believe that it’s important that gang members in our community know that their behavior is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated,” she said.

Statom explained that both of her grandparents lived in East Lake Courts, which is why she took personal offense to Smith’s remarks.

What did you think of the ‘Southern Judge Judy’s’ actions and words? Is it something gang members and criminals need to hear?


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  1. Jimmy says:

    We need more Judges like her.