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Watch Krauthammer Describe Obama’s Presidential Legacy In Just 8 Words – EPIC!

Obama Legacy

By any measure, historians are going to have a field day with the Obama Legacy. To pour over and dissect “all that is Obama and his administration” will be a rich trove of facts and figures that will and should make political “junkies” of all stripes either revel in the dirty tricks used or the outright failures on so many levels.

Fox News contributor and columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Thursday’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” that “history is going to judge Obama very severely” on his decision to keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan at their current level throughout much of 2016.

Political scientists will have more than enough material to sift through for years – of what “Not” to do as President of the Greatest Country in the world, in bringing it to it’s knees, and damaging, if not destroying alliances with friends around the world whom probably will never again trust the U.S. Government.

That is not an unfair analysis and opinion, that is just the plain truth of the matter, as to what this President and his administration have done to the country. A Legacy? What legacy?

Check out this video report:

What do you think about Krauthammer’s analysis? Obama’s decisions are self-serving to say the least. How do you think history will judge him and his constant acts to fundamentally change America into something it never asked for?

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Comments on “Watch Krauthammer Describe Obama’s Presidential Legacy In Just 8 Words – EPIC!”

  1. Gaylord says:

    What has Obama accomplished. Biden summed it up today with his diatribe of things that needed to be done. Exactly what they talked about in 2008 and 2012, nothing has been done, which is the same the Democrats have promised for more than 60 years now.