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Watch: Liberal Univision Reporter Plays The Race Card – Then Look What Happens!

It’s a blast from the past, but it’s still satisfying to watch.

In 1996, a liberal reporter with Univision tried to pull a classic maneuver for a man at a anti-illegal immigration rally.

A Hispanic Univision reporter asks a white man with blood streaming down his face ‘if he’s a racist?’, and if he ‘likes Latin people?’ The man was hit in the head with a frozen coke can when pro-illegal immigrant thugs attacked law abiding Americans at a pro-America rally in L.A.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was at the rally and he steps in and scolds the reporter for asking stupid questions and for trying to portray the victim as a ‘racist.’

Bet she wasn’t ready for that, was she? It’s amazing that after all these years, playing the race card is still the only argument liberals have in their book.

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