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WATCH! Make-A-Wish Foundation Grants Young Boy in Remission His Dream!


Everyone thought mild-mannered Miles Scott was just a regular boy, until he was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just one-and-a-half years old.

But Miles harbors a secret: He is anything but average. This young boy from the California-Oregon border took leukemia head-on, displaying courage no mere mortal could hope to muster. In June 2013, Miles completed his last chemo treatment. He went into remission. But he also went underground.

Miles emerged from the shadows on November 15, 2013 when the city of San Francisco needed a hero. Fiends calling themselves “The Riddler” and “Penguin” were terrorizing the city, robbing banks and even tying an innocent citizen to the train tracks.

What these low-life thugs didn’t know, is that Miles Scott is no regular boy. He is Batkid—sworn enemy of criminals and lymphoblastic leukemia—and he took down both. He saved the woman on the tracks, stopped The Riddler, sent the Penguin packing, and did it all with fearless style.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation set up this massive, elaborate scene for Miles after learning his incredible story. Almost the whole of San Francisco took part to give Miles his dream day as the world’s greatest superhero. The story went mega-viral as it happened, with the whole world following Batkid’s exploits in real-time.

Now, Batkid comes to the Big Screen. Warner Bros.’ Batkid Begins, the story of Miles’ amazing Make-A-Wish day, will debut at the Slamdance Film Festival and hit theaters on June 26.

You can watch the trailer below. Fair warning, you will cry!

Miles proves that “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I DO that defines me!”

H/T: DailyNews