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Watch: The Moment Hillary Clinton Gets Booed At The Democrat Debate!


Why Hillary Clinton isn’t being booed off stage for her very presence at the Democrat debate (an arrival which means she hasn’t yet been indicted for her handling of classified information) is beyond us, but there was one moment yesterday evening that even the left-leaning crowd wouldn’t tolerate.

Hillary has a tendency to blame everybody but herself for her mistakes – ‘Vast right-wing conspiracy’ anybody?

As such, when the topic of earning millions of dollars in speaking fees from Wall Street banks came up, Hillary dodged again and instead criticized Bernie Sanders for his “artful smear” against her.

The crowd would take no more, booing loudly for her comments.

Via The Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton was booed during Thursday’s Democratic party debate in New Hampshire after she accused Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders of using smear tactics against her.

Clinton went on the attack after she fielded criticism for the millions of dollars in speaking fees she’s received from Wall Street banks, which Sanders has harped on recently.

“I really don’t think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you,” Clinton began, scolding Sanders during the heated exchange.

“I think it’s time to end the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let’s talk about the issues that divide us,” Clinton said, evoking boos from the crowd gathered to watch the contest at the University of New Hampshire.

Last night’s debate saw a significant uptick in tension between the two candidates.

Fireworks flying in their first one-on-one debate, Hillary Clinton accused Bernie Sanders on Thursday of subjecting her to an “artful smear” while Sanders suggested the former secretary of state was a captive of the political establishment. It was a markedly more contentious tone than the two candidates set when they last debated before the presidential voting began in Iowa, and it signaled how the race has tightened five days ahead of the first-in-the-nation primary next Tuesday.

Comment: What is your opinion on Hillary Clinton dodging the question about her speaking fees and once again blaming the messenger? Is there anything she’ll admit to? Share your thoughts below.


Comments on “Watch: The Moment Hillary Clinton Gets Booed At The Democrat Debate!”

  1. Edward says:

    She should be in jail, not running for
    pres. According to our allies,we are the biggest fools the world has ever seen. I agree……………