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Watch: NBA All-Star Takes Time to Hand Out 850 Dinners to Local Kids


In a world where we spend way too much time focusing on sports stories such as Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, or even Caitlin ‘Don’t Call Me Bruce’ Jenner, it’s always nice to see an athlete set aside some serious time to give back to his community.

Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder all-star point guard, kicked off Thanksgiving celebrations last week by dishing out over 850 holiday meals to members of the local Boys & Girls Club.

Via the Thunder community page:

Russell Westbrook has been asked to sign a lot of autographs in his life, on countless different types of items. Tonight at the Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma City, however, this might have been a first when Westbrook was asked to sign the scoop of mashed potatoes he ladled onto a young child’s plate.

As a part of his Why Not? Foundation, Westbrook held his fourth-annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Boys & Girls Club, providing an incredible meal to over 400 children and nearly 600 people total. From turkey to stuffing to Westbrook’s mashed potato station, those in attendance were treated to a delicious meal.

“It’s something I look forward to every year. I think it’s very important,” Westbrook said. “I’ve seen a few kids that I’ve seen now over the course of the years. Seeing them coming back and looking forward to this every year is something that puts a smile on my face.”

Watch Westbrook’s charitable effort here …

Westbrook was giving back to an organization that was a big part of his own life, having attended the local Boys & Girls club for most of his youth.

“It means a lot. It encourages people to know that we have someone that supports Oklahoma City and the Thunder, who actually cares about us,” said one patron. “Russell Westbrook, that’s an example right there. That’s a great inspiration for kids to go out and do things.”

The all-star basketball player won the 2014-2015 NBA Cares Community Assist Award for similar efforts to give back to the city for which he plays.

Hats off to Mr. Westbrook!

Comment: What are some other athletes who have given back to their community on Thanksgiving?