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Watch: It’s NOT Safe to Go in the Water!


If you’ve ever watched a James Bond film or a Hollywood monster b-movie, then you’re probably familiar with the piranha.

They are the tiny fish with razor-sharp teeth, which, rumor has it, can strip a grown man of his flesh.

But, come on! That’s just a myth, right?

Erm, no:

This footage, courtesy of the Daily Mail, shows the frenzy piranhas work themselves into when raw meat is dropped into the water.

It proves that your mother was wrong; it is definitely NOT safe to go into the water.

And it also proves that, for once, Hollywood was telling us the truth!

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Comments on “Watch: It’s NOT Safe to Go in the Water!”

  1. Bob says:

    Was just wondering what would happen if you threw a big mac in there . . .