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If You Watch ONE Donald Trump Video Today, Make It THIS One! (LOOK)

Donald Trump

If you, like almost every other person in the Western world, cannot wait the nine days left before the next Star Wars flick is released, then why not whet your appetite by watching the video below:

There’s a reason this video is now a viral sensation, with over a quarter of a million views in the last 24 hours. It combines two great entertainment franchises worthy of satire – Stars Wars and Donald Trump.

Count how many times you laugh watching The Donald inserted into classic scenes from the phenomenal space opera, and ask yourself: were it not for the fancy costumes and spaceships, would this not resemble a genuine conversation with Mr. Trump?

Whether he makes it to the White House or not, let’s all raise a glass this festive season to Mr. Trump and the laughs he’s given us.

What do you think of this viral video? Let us know below.