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Watch How Pizza Hut Responds To Kanye West Complaining He’s Broke!


Somebody running the UK version of Pizza Hut’s Twitter account needs a pay raise. They’ve been hilariously trolling rapper Kanye West after he took to social media complaining that he’s $53 million in debt.

Despite being in such dire straits financially, Kanye proclaimed he’s still rich enough to buy “furs and house” for his family.

Regardless, Pizza Hut UK couldn’t resist mocking Kanye for his debt complaints anyway (HT Daily Caller):

They continued, announcing that Kanye had earned himself a job “kneading dough.”

Kanye would go on to beg for money, saying “I need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world.”

Pizza Hut responded with an amazing fake resume for Kanye which included such work experience as wearing “baggy pants” and “fashien designn.”

It also included references such as God and Taylor Swift, though Swift, who has been publicly feuding with Kanye, had her name crossed off.

They even took a shot at Kanye’s penchant for having to collaborate on his artistic efforts, saying Ed Sheeran wrote the fake resume for him.

Here is a news report on Kanye’s financial issues:

Congratulations Pizza Hut UK for the most epic Twitter response to a whining, rich, marginally talented, self-absorbed narcissist. We look forward to pictures of Kanye’s first day at work.

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