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Watch: Politician Squirms After Breaking Pledge To Take In A Refugee


When ancient theologians were putting together the first list of the 7 Deadly Sins, they somehow forgot to include hypocrisy.

Which is a shame, because in an age when our politicians routinely lie while promising to tell the truth, it’s a sin we are seeing more and more often.

The only upside is when we have the chance to watch a politico get caught up in their own web of bogus sanctimony.

So take a look at the latest public figure exposed as a hypocrite, British Member of Parliament, Yvette Cooper. Last year she promised to take in a Syrian refugee and attacked the British people for not being as generous as her.

Now, some months later, that refugee she promised to shelter has not materialized. Listen to her excuses below, and then ask yourself: how could someone like this ever get elected?

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