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Watch: Rapper Gets Served Court Papers During Sneaker Release Party

This is pretty funny.

Rap star Tyga had a sneaker release party where people were served in many ways – the fans were served with his new line of footwear, while the artist was served with court papers.

TMZ got the video, and the look on Tyga’s face is simply priceless.


Via MTV:

Tyga’s release event for his new LA Gear sneakers in Los Angeles on Wednesday had all the fixings of a great event: A rap star, new sneakers, a lengthy line of fans. In fact, they were all working together — the rap star was signing the new sneakers for the fans that waited in the lengthy line.

And then, something that you don’t see too often happened: T-Rawww was served summons papers. And this was by a guy, no less, that not only waited in line, but also had two boxes of sneakers signed and asked for a picture with the rapper after he gave him the papers.

It’s really something.

Watch video of Tyga getting served below…

There were no details as to what the legal documents were for, but the process server did indicate that Tyga owes some cash and would need to appear in court.

The way he was posing for pictures and having waited in line, this was clearly a stunt pulled off by the server.

As for why he bought the shoes?

“I didn’t have to [buy the shoes], but I bought ‘em anyway,” he said. “I was standing in line for two-and-a-half-hours.”