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WATCH: Rat Attacks Pigeon in Front of Amazed NYC Crowd!

Rat Attacks Pigeon

It’s no secret that crime is high in New York City. And with liberal Bill de Blasio in the Mayor’s Mansion, that crime is starting to rise even further.

So just how mean are the streets of the Big Apple nowadays? This mean:

Yep, that’s a rat – in broad daylight – attacking a pigeon in front of a crowd of amazed onlookers.

Rats, of course, are supposed to prefer dark places, but I guess this particular rodent had a taste for a gamey lunch and wasn’t going to let pesky humans and sunlight stop him from getting it.

If the video makes you shiver, you are not alone. It looks like rats are just another threat the people of New York City are going to have to look out for.

What do you think of the video? Let us know below.

H/T: News 96.5 New York