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WATCH: South Park’s Hilarious Musical Video On College ‘Safe Spaces’

Safe Space

South Park, never one to shy away from controversy, produced a little musical number that mocks liberal college kids and their need for “safe spaces.”

College students have been protesting on campuses nationwide because their schools aren’t offering them a ‘safe space,’ an area free from offensive words, perceived racism, and the scourge of others exercising their First Amendment rights.

Eric Cartman has a solution which, to most of the world will look like mockery, but to these whiny college kids probably seems like a viable solution.

Cartman’s safe space includes ‘bully-proof windows’ and ‘troll-safe doors.’

Things start to get a little dicey when a cold, heartless character named Reality tries to tear down Cartman’s safe space.

The group begins singing ‘We can face almost anything but Reality we can do without.”

Watch the hilarious video below (one offensive word – NSFW) …

It’s side-splitting when you think about the analogy of Cartman and the dancers believing they’re brave enough to fight reality, but not brave enough to live with it. Just like liberal college students.

Comment: Does the South Park video accurately show the absurdity of students demanding a ‘safe space?’ What did you think of the video, funny or not?